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Related article: Date : Fri, July 16, 2010 April 33rd 17 -0500 From: Garnet Vex u003cjrl816 hotmail. com u003e Subject: Chapter One Bromance This is an adult friend of the history and gay history. But that's all I can are shown in this story. More information about the story will be easily learned by read. We hope you enjoy it. Bromance Chapter One: The Hall of Shame " Do I have to go to the book signing," A man complained. " Yes, is your book. I'm sure he does not want his followers to start a riot," Another man said. " All my fans are overweight get single women, the desire for unattainable men ot old gay men who are not established, so that kind of fantasy land with my can \\ \\ n characters of fiction. " " fictitious " " Well, some fictional characters. " The other man stares at him, and to he sighed. "Very good! Are real people in a book, you happy? " " Not exactly, that put me in a book without my permission. " " I asked, and he said yes. "n " I said yes to your question misleading. " " Well, tell me what I ask. " " Wantan appearance of my book? I just wanted to look , I am one of the main characters ! " " So I turned to my question a bit, it's all good. You are a man popular, and his character is not so much. " " What does that mean? " " Oh no. Let's go to the autograph session. " " Let? He can not even you? You're a big boy. " " You're much of a character like me, n me go to the company. In addition, there are boobs. You can go Preteen Nudity to the dark side, but remain the breasts. " The man sighed and reached for his clothes. He smiled, picked up two layers of black with hood and two Kabuki masks. The two men in the car on the left and arrived just in the library. " What's with layers and masks? This n is not Halloween. " " I'm not going to show me to my fans. I want to remain anonymous. " " You'll have to come sooner or later. " " I never once heard these words, "laughed the author ". Upon leaving, it was an experience. nowant to experience, know that " " Then they come. " " Now let's put. " " The things I do for you, " sighed the man. The two men got out of the car in full sun. It was fast by the blockade of men and women face the building n and n even on the doors. "Alas," said the man. " Hold on," laughed the author. n "You wish," laughed the man too. the author saw the man and then to the crowd. " Welcome, my dear fans. I'm glad you all made to sign my book. I You know, everybody has been waiting outside in the blazing sun, and I'm honest I'm sorry for that. But I have good news. I know many of you have asked if the characters in my book are based on real people, who are also. The two main characters are Brody and get in front of the constant ", said the author. " Oh, my God,I knew it! I love you, Brody, you're so sexy! " Screamed a scream young lady. " Oh, please take the cutest one! "A young yellow crowdhas done. "I thought you said you wrote a book," whispered the man the author. " I'm writing a book, you know how the fans. Fantasize seems that the character in the description. It is very probable pussy juice n and cum all over this book," whispered the author again. " Now, now, to solve all. If you want to know what is n , do I need to get everyone in the house and feel " author declared. Immediately after his words on the lips, the crowd stormed the store Press the author and the man aside. After two or three minutes, the amount spent in the store. The two men stood up, patted their coats, and adjusted their masks. " The next time he asks in his book, I go to the fingers ", said the man entered the store. " Oh, well that is just wonderful. Well, I think it's time. " The author entered the store. He realized that the man who was with him was sitting on stage in awkward folds chAirs. There the other hand, with a copy of his book. He went to the stage of and leaned back in his seat. He looked at his book and saw Bromance is the eagerly awaiting crowd. " Now that we are all seated properly, I think we have this show in the road. " " You will tell us which of the two, you're right ? " One of fans request. " Uh, yes, but it is a challenge for all of you. " N " What do you mean ?" Said another fan. " Today I will tell my story Preteen Nudity to all and the end, I that all of you to me that what you are saying. By a majority, if you get all the n is correct, I'm writing another book, but if you do not get most of the n is correct, then this is the end of my days writing. So you might say, that my career as a writer in the hands from my fans all of you choose my ​​destiny. " " Well, now I can say is Brody, "said one fan. "Why do you say that ?" Said the author. " Because Fang do not believe in luck or fateAnd in the book. " " Is that your last word? Because as I said, if you're wrong, it will books anymore. " The crowd gathered and began to speak aloud. The other man pulled out the author towards him. " What do you think you're doing? This book is your baby. They are ready give it up just like that? "The man quietly. " I have faith in my fans. I know that making the right decision. They are intelligent ", the author whispered again. " We are ready to answer your question, "said one of the fans. N " Y ", asked the author. " We have reached a conclusion. We want you to read the full story in this way We hear it again in case we missed something. " " Well, I think it's time history. " The author opened the book and saw the others. The other looked. " Now let's begin. " *** How all the days of old, Fang sat in her room with her ​​drawing pad and remove her loneliness with weak piano music the bottom. the pencilThe lead went from edge to edge of paper, but nothing good came of it. Fang gave up quickly and went to the window of the cage s bedroom. The drops of water hit the window. Fang was a the gray atmosphere, which was just as well. Suddenly, a boy Fang Age was the site of construction. The boy looked up and looked capture. He smiled and waved. Fang grabbed and pulled the curtain of white lace that on the window. The doorbell rang and the sound of footsteps running down the stairs and talk small children cry sounded in the capture room. Take the door opened and a child of African descent intervened : " capture, we have a new brother! " "And what is your point of Darrel ? " \\ \\ n " Do not you want a new brother ? Everyone is excited. " "Everybody but me, so count me out. " n " you know the rules, Fang. If you do not participate in them, shall be punished has to go to spend a night in the hall of Preteen Nudity shame. " " Catch! Darrel ! 's time to get off! " cried Miss Harrietthe first level. to take a breath, hung up his black hoodie and down the stairs with Darrel. All other children form a horizontal line with the capture end. Miss Harriet was in possession of the hand of a white child. "Everybody, I want everyone to his new brother. " " Hello, my name is Brody. " " Hey Brody !" All told, all except the receiver. He stayed with his quiet hood over his head and his eye pony. Brody went for fishing and extended his arm. " Hi, I'm Brody. " capture did not move. " catch, greet his new brother," said Miss Harriet. "No! " N " It is not difficult to catch. In this case, let me help you," Brody said Fang holding his right hand. capture Brody approached him, Brody to lose balance and release take the hand. Fang grabbed by the neck and slammed Brody so the parquet floor. " do not touch me ever again, pretty boy," said Fang. "catch law! Not how you treat your new brother, " Miss Harrietsaid take the separation of Brody. "Not my brother, he is just another orphan like the rest of us, who are not even our real mother ! " " Catch! The rooms of shame Go! " " well, that's how I ended up with that smell! " " catch now! " catch people left the room of Miss Harriet on the road. Darrel went to Brody and helped him up. " I thank you and good to know there is a good person here," said Brody , rubbing his neck. " Do not get too mad at catcher, who had it harder than the rest of us. " N " What do you mean ? " " catch first guy was here at the orphanage. He was abandoned as a baby, , which is their home. " " This is not to give the right to be a donkey. " " you're right, let's get to your room. " Brody Darrel and climbed the stairs to the third level. Darrel open the door and the room was very clean and tidy, except for a block of characters and a few crumpled piece of paper on the floor. "Sorry, that's the only room available. I'll let you stay in mine, butis not room for two. " " Who am I bunk ? "Asked Brody threw the bag on the top bunk. " The room of shame. " " This is the capture of the room? " Brody kept asking her things. " I can not stay in the n here. He tried to kill me. " " Sorry, but like I said, this was the only room available. In addition, the capture a rooming different room tonight so that should not be bad. " " Great, I Psycho Rooms murderer. I would rather live on the street. " " Trust me, this is better. I have lived in the street, is a whitespace pretty scary for kids like us. And I could not quite tell the whole story catch. " " Why did I miss? " " Well, as I said it was the first child here and what I heard, I used good. Even there was another guard here, if this Orphanage began, I heard it was very nice. Her name was Miss Bennett and trap and close really. It was as if he was to his mother and that was his son s. " " What happened to her? " " here was an accident, fire, and devoured all this building. Part of the roof collapsed and caught fishing in his room. However, , indeed, Miss Preteen Nudity Bennet was a way out. But at a price. Fang out safely, but didn ` t. " " Wow, that's terrible. " " Yes, capture, even tried to go back and rescue her, but kept the firefighter return. I could shoot, but by the time they arrived, Miss Bennett, already gone. Since then, fishing was not so the luck to find a family that wants it. Which has been accepted five times n , but here it is. After the fifth time he had returned, he simply listened to care. He stopped. " " Why had he gone so many times? " " I do not know and do not capture. That is simply no longer care. Many orphans we try to reach us is not discouraged, but sometimes it's difficult. He was a good boy, and now it's as if defeated. " " Wow uh, I can not believe I did. " " Yes, it is time to sleep. I'm going to see in the morning, "said Darrel Close the door. Brody bEgan unpacking the clothes on their side of the room. Having prepared , lying in bed and take the pictures check capture. When flipping through the pages, he found a beautiful portrait of a woman s been called " the mother". "Is that Miss Bennet? She's beautiful," she whispered as a tear Brody the cheek. Brody closed the book and wrapped his arms around her. "I miss your mom," Brody said as he slowly fell asleep. capture next morning was to let the shame out of the room and went return to his room. When he opened the door to his surprise, he said, Brody in her bed with her ​​sketchbook. Capture and crashed Brody the door, jumped out of bed. "F -Fang, I- I - " " be saved, give me my book. " Brody immediately turned over to recover the sketchbook. Preteen Nudity Fang broke his hand, and put them in your closet. "sorry," said Fang. "What? " Brody asked. ", I said, sorry about last night. I overreacted and I hope you can accept I apologize," said Fang, withback to him. " I am very tired, I would get more respect. Ceasefire ?" Brody said, at arm's length. take over and shook hands with Brody. " ceasefire". Suddenly, there was a ring at the door. Fang went to the window noticed a middle-aged couple. " down time, it seems that someone is going to be accepted," sighed catch. Brody and fishing down the stairs and formed the line. Fang was of the couple and clenched his fists. Brody looked and looked to catch pair. "What 's up, fuck? " Brody whispered. " This couple, who took me -. They were my first" Fang whispered He looked down. "I want," the couple said Miss Harriet. " Oh Brody, it seems that -" " I do not want to go with them," said Brody. " Excuse me?" she asked. " I'm not going without my brother," Brody, when he took the hand catch. catch was Brody. "What are you doing?" Fang whispered. " My son, not his broth" Said the man. " He's my brother. So if I want, you have to improve it. " The couple saw Miss Harriet and Miss Harriet went to Brody. " Brody, the issue is the possibility of receiving it. Do not be accepted? " " is not exempt from capture. " " Brody, do not. You can leave this hell hole, "he whispered in the capture. " I will not leave you. " " You do not know me. " " That does not change the fact that I can not leave. I promise, I will never leave you, or how they are to other families. " ", Darrell said, right? I do not want your pity. " " It's a shame. I will see you. " " You did not know a whole day. Their attention only on the base my ​​past. " " What to do ? I still do not care. " " So what will be the son, " the man said with enthusiasm. " Do not call me son, wrinkled skin and bones. " " Brody " said Miss Harriet. capture Brody looked up and smiled. " What? It serves him right. How can return after the catch back. "N " I went fishing, because it is aflames the pyre. Are you one ? " Brody saw Fang Fang, as we move from the hand of Brody. " What has to do with it? "N "Everything! Homosexuals are perverts ! " " This is talking about his hatred, there is no evidence that "get to mourn. " Quiet, you bastard ! I'm not talking to you. " " You're talking about me, which is the same. " " Just in the room of the sentence that goes weird, " said the man grabbed Fang n thrown across the room. Brody ran to catch up on one side and see if was good. Fang shook the head and rose again. clenched his fists and looked at the man. "Is that all you have, Dave? " Fang said. " trap? Fang, stay calm, "said Brody tries to stop the capture. " Let me go, Brody. He can not abuse a child. " " I know, but he loves me. I'll take care of it, " Brody, Preteen Nudity reassured him. " What are you doing? Give me a kiss? " " No, sorry, so you can go fishing, "said Brody was a and uppercuts of man. " Brody " cried Miss Harrietas he ran beside the man. " Back to my man, bitch there. No wonder these kids do not is not receiving good manners," she told her helped the man. "See you in court! " The man said as he left with his wife. "That was great ! " Said Darrel. " Darrel " cried Miss Harriet. " Do not worry. " " Well, for two rooms of shame, now!" Left Brody to catch up and smiled. Fang looked away and went to Hall of Shame with Brody still behind him. Brody and closed the door following capture Sat. Brody Fang looked and went across the room. "What is happening? " Brody said, confused. ", would have taken with ease. Why are you in the ass ? " Fang was whimpering. "Are you mad at me for that? " Brody laughed. " was the beginning of all my pain that I wanted him to feel what I 've been through if me again, because I was not -. Because I'm - " Catch stuttered when he sought with his words. " You're not gay, right? " Brody asked. " See if that bothers you there is a reason why I'm on this side and he on this page. Nobody loves me, maybe when I'm not gay then -. " \\ \\ n "There is nothing wrong with being gay is the only thing wrong n people I hate you. If you are really gay, I said no problem with him," Brody while walking to and sat next capture. "You are my brother, s not something that never changes. " " Why are you so good? " Fang said. " It's just that I was trained as. My mother told me that everyone deserves kind. My mother gave me the opportunity, now that is gone, it's my mission of revenge No I will help you succeed in happiness. " " you're like an angel, you know, "said Fang. "Thank you. " "No problem, now, where do we eat? And when we go to the bathroom? " " Tomorrow. No room is called the shame of all. " " Oh, you're kidding ? Oh, I'm never up to see for yourself. " " Do not worry, I can handle, " laughed fang. "I have so hungry! " Moved Fangthe other side of the room and began banging on the wall. A key piece of the wall and put his hand into the hole. " Fang, what are you doing? " ", I thought you said you were hungry ? " Fang said he took a bag of chips. "You still hungry ? " " Heck yes I am ! " Brody said between chips and even biting them. " Wow someone is hungry. " "Hungry ? I'm starving ! How did you do ? " " I've spent enough time here to a hole that leads directly to carve the pantry. Preteen Nudity Here, drink some water, " said catcher threw the bottle of water. "Thank you. You know, maybe you are my angel. " " This is a little gay, huh ? " "Everyone is a bit gay gay and each person is a little bit straight. " *** " everyone is a bit gay and everyone is a bit gay bits directly? Brody is an idiot, "said one fan. " At least not flirt 24 catch seven as " another fan replied. "Flirt ? Brody is seriously flirting with Fang. " "n Whoa, all just calm. We still have a long way to go, "author said. " I wonder if anyone actually reads, "thought the man. " From the fans reactions, do not seem. Or maybe you are just stupid as the author. " " Okay, okay all, move on to the next chapter. " " I'm beginning to think that no one read my book, or just plain stupid, the author of , he thought.
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